Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 74 Corozal, Belize-December 19, 2016

Christmas Vacation

Hello my friends and family! So this last week we did a whole lot of traveling (and we are doing even more today!) So it was like traveling on vacation but not really because we were working haha. The meetings that we went to in Belize City were super good though and we learned a ton! The Christmas Multizone was super cool and really got us focused on the real meaning of Christmas. We also had our zone conference so it was fun getting together with the whole zone and getting pumped for the rest of the transfer. So we are already down to the last week before Christmas. Crazy right? After that comes in the New Year. It will be a great time to be able to think more in the Savior. Also, in these last couple of days I have also been thinking about how those two holidays are connected. New Years comes exactly one week after Christmas always. It's the holiday of "resolutions" and "new beginnings". Sounds a little bit like repentance right? How perfect is that then? We spend a whole month thinking about the Savior, the birth of the Savior, and the life and mission of Him. Then, with that significance in mind, we can use our testimony and faith in Him to make our resolutions for the New Year (and follow through of course). Thats powerful! A lot of times we have the tendency to let Christmas pass and then be done with it. But it can, and should, just as easily be carried over into the New Year and then for the rest of the year. A Christ centered life can begin this Christmas. And it's never to late to start! So I hope you all enjoy your holiday with friends and family. I know I'm excited to see my family! But always keep the Savior in your thoughts as well. I love you all! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!
Elder Abilez

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