Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 31 Izalco District, El Salvador--February 22, 2016

Ch-ch-ch-changes! O sea, I´m definitely not in Layco anymore...

Hey! I got transferred! Also im a little annoyed to find out that nothing that i sent last week reached you guys but i dont know what i can do about that in another country so sorry. well i finally had to say goodbye to layco and am now in san julián in the zona izalco! im in a pueblo! when i found out i was goin pueblo i was a little worried. there are certain comforts to being in a huge, nasty city. like restaurants or people with couches. but! when i got here and saw all the farmland and realized i was breathing air for the first time in 6 months instead of bus exhaust i knew that i received a gift i never knew i wanted. and there are some huge houses here! like super nice houses too its weird. its a little town with a little town square and park and stuff. theres no super market just tiendas but its a lot of fun. the people are really friendly and i think i have already seen just about everyone that lives here. our area, however, is huge and covers a lot of other little neighborhoods. its a great place and im happy to be able to be working here for a while. also, my new companion is elder ramos! he was in my first zone in layco and he is from guatemala! its been fun being with someone i already knew. alright thats all i got for now because imma try to resend maybe those other emails that didnt go through. have a great week i love you all bye!
elder abilez

pupusa count: 12

We went to el palacio nacional last week! on the inside it looks like the haunted mansion... 
Observing my palace


el centro (del pais)

palacio selfie


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 30 Layco District, El Salvador--February 15, 2016

No time

So cambios are this week. I ran out of time sending all those pics. We had a baptism for Fabiola! Pupusas! Tell my mom happy birthday (its tomorrow) Love you all bye!
Elder Abilez

Pupusa Count: 58

300 pupusas!
La Luz del Mundo -  view from outside our house
I was there...(this was in the national library)
he's got nerves of steel!
bday celebration with gerson, fabiola, and yasmyn


familia soriano!
Hermano Rivas!
Calixto y Hermano Marroquin!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week 29 Layco District, El Salvador--February 8, 2016

what fun is turning 21 when youre a missionary?

its a lot of fun let me tell you! more or less it was a normal day. some bad news, the baptism fell through due to scheduling purposes but its good to go for this next week so no worries! she is still reading a ton and is very excited for baptism. for dinner i ate my 300th pupusa! i switched it up this time and instead of a large one i got three small ones (because i only had 297 when i got to the pupuseria) but all of different types (ajo, ayote, y loroco). but here is what i really want to talk about today. so this week elder piñeros and i were set on working to find less active members. saturday especially we made plans for the majority of the day to work towards that goal. after a few appointments in this one colonia we set out to search for these less actives on the other side of town. we were crossing this one street that we always pass through from this colonia (6 de Mayo) and there was a man standing outside his house. As we passed by he waved to us and said "buenas tardes, cómo están?". I immediately stopped and felt to talk to this man about the church. Right from the get go this guy told us that he is a member and used to go to church a long time ago. In fact, he and his wife were married in the Layco building. They fell away from the church due to some issue with a former bishop in another ward. 15 years or so this man and his wife hadnt been to church. We invited him to come to church and set an appointment to visit them and were about to head out when he began to cry and hugged me. He told us that he was so happy that he found us and that he felt the Spirit so strongly because he had recently started talking with his wife about the idea of going back to church. Even better, they both came to church yesterday! We have literally knocked all the houses on that street and pass by there everyday but this one day Elder Piñeros and I know that the Lord placed this man in our path to finally be brought back to church. Now here is something important. Many people believe that more than anything missionary work is to baptize people. i know for a fact that, while that is crucially important, missionary work is so much more. Why is a single baptism significant? because with one convert we can then convert generations to come. why is a less active important? because when a member turns away from the church we then lose generations to come. never assume that a less active member is just a bad, angry person who has rejected God in their lives. there is a reason that the Savior shared the parables of the lost silver coin, the lost sheep, and the prodigal son. remember that in these three parables all of these things once belonged in the possession of the owner, shepherd, and father. directly it is talking about the less active members. those who have lost their way. so now, i want to urge all of you member missionaries of the church to look to who you can help, who you can bring back to the Lord. Reactivation of a member is just as valuable as a baptism of a convert. The Lord loves all His children and cannot suffer to lose a single one. I promise that in the service for others you will find yourselves. We can measure who we are ourselves by what we do for others. I am blessed and humbled to have been given that gift of learning on my 21st birthday. I love you all very much and am always happy to hear from you every week. Thank you all for the birthday wishes as well!
Elder Abilez

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 28 Layco District, El Salvador--February 1, 2016

Our House! In the Middle of the Street!

Its actually at the very end of a street...but hey we moved! and our new house is way better! it took us a little more time than we had wanted to do the whole move but...its nice to finally get it all done. i took some pics so dont worry. Lets see...also this week we went to the temple with Gerson, Fabiola, and one of their other friends Fernando. They all said that they really loved being there around the temple and Fabiola told us that she could feel that really God`s presence was there. She`s super ready for baptism! All she needs is the interview this Friday and she will be good to go! We invited her to invite her family members to the baptism but she is a little wary to do so because of the religious nature of all of them. But we are praying that at least she will find the courage to bear her testimony to them. And we know that she has a strong testimony! Today marks 5 months being here in Layco. Its great to see how much this area has changed and grown in the time that I have been here. I know that my time here is limited so I am continuing to try to improve the area and get the work progressing like never before. We have a lot of really good investigators that have been reading and praying but just need to be a little more excited to attend church and accept a baptismal date. I think something great that could happen is finding out in a year or something that some of these investigators that we are beginning to find were baptized. Not much can bring more joy than helping one of our brothers or sisters find the everlasting blessings and happiness of the restored gospel! Share it with everyone you know! Love you all so much! Have a great week!
Elder Abilez

Pupusa Count: 37