Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 31 Izalco District, El Salvador--February 22, 2016

Ch-ch-ch-changes! O sea, I´m definitely not in Layco anymore...

Hey! I got transferred! Also im a little annoyed to find out that nothing that i sent last week reached you guys but i dont know what i can do about that in another country so sorry. well i finally had to say goodbye to layco and am now in san julián in the zona izalco! im in a pueblo! when i found out i was goin pueblo i was a little worried. there are certain comforts to being in a huge, nasty city. like restaurants or people with couches. but! when i got here and saw all the farmland and realized i was breathing air for the first time in 6 months instead of bus exhaust i knew that i received a gift i never knew i wanted. and there are some huge houses here! like super nice houses too its weird. its a little town with a little town square and park and stuff. theres no super market just tiendas but its a lot of fun. the people are really friendly and i think i have already seen just about everyone that lives here. our area, however, is huge and covers a lot of other little neighborhoods. its a great place and im happy to be able to be working here for a while. also, my new companion is elder ramos! he was in my first zone in layco and he is from guatemala! its been fun being with someone i already knew. alright thats all i got for now because imma try to resend maybe those other emails that didnt go through. have a great week i love you all bye!
elder abilez

pupusa count: 12

We went to el palacio nacional last week! on the inside it looks like the haunted mansion... 
Observing my palace


el centro (del pais)

palacio selfie


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