Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 100 Corozal, Belize-June 26, 2017

One More Time

Hey. So this is weird. I'm starting my last week in the mission. It feels surreal. But, lemme tell you about last week. It was also pretty surreal, but really awesome. The main points are that we had our Multizone and interviews with President Adams. Last Multizone means I had to bear my last testimony. Dont worry I didn't cry. Real men don't cry. They weep. So I wept. After the Multizone I also had my last interview with President Adams. I love that man! He has been a great help and a great example for me this past year. He gave me some really great advice of course. Yesterday all 4 of us missionaries gave talks in sacrament meeting too so that was cool to be able to speak one last time before i go. I love Corozal! This next week we will be very busy! And thats exactly how I want my last week in the mission to be! The sisters are set to have a baptism at the end of the week and we are going to be working hard with our mission leader as well. The mission has been amazing! I will sprint through the finish line! Love you all so much! I hope you have a great week! Talk to you all soon!
Elder Abilez

3 John 1:13-14

Lots of old photos from some recent adventures with no explanations sent due to a shortage of time

Cerros with Elder Flake

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 99 Corozal, Belize-June 19, 2017

Twas a good week

Hey everyone! This week was awesome! So biggest and best news is that Britney, Christina, and Steve all got baptized on Saturday! There were a few complications with getting the whole family there (rain and stuff) but it all worked out! Elder Gallardo was with me on interchanges this week and we went to see Christina and she had decided to get interviewed and be baptized. It was all a miracle! Well other than all of that the week was normal in terms of work. We got pig head tacos yesterday which were nice. This week we will have our Multizone and interviews with President. I'm nervous! But everything is good. Pray for Yanira and Ulrich! Pray for the Bejerano family! I will pray for all of you! I love you all very much! Have a great week!

Elder Abilez

Here are the pictures of the adventures we had as a trio last week!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 98 Corozal, Belize-June 12, 2017

A Week Full of Surprises

This last week was wild! Okay I will just get into it. So it was announced a while back that Elder Renlund was coming to El Salvador and was gonna have a conference for all the missionaries. Unfortunately, he wasn't gonna come to Belize...but! the day before the conference we found out that they were gonna transmit the conference to us! So, last Tuesday we dropped all our plans and went to Belize City to see (or rather just hear because the video wasn't working) the conference with Elder and Sister Alonso and Elder and Sister Renlund. It was awesome! Elder Renlund shared some funny stories and talked about keeping "an eye single to the glory of God". Super good! Last week we had planned to do interchanges on Thursday in order to have Elder Gallardo do the baptismal interviews for Steve, Christina, and Britney. But! we got another call on Wednesday to inform us of emergency changes and that Elder Gallardo was actually just gonna stay with us in a trio! My second time in a trio with Elder Gallardo! He is currently on his way back to Orange Walk but we spent 4 whole days working together and it was a fun time. A little bit of bad news, Christina didnt get interviewed last week because she is a little unsure right now about baptism. Also, on Saturday morning we got informed from the kids' mom that they wanted to postpone the baptism until this coming Saturday because Steve got really sick. Now, to give you guys some hope and peace of mind, we went to visit the whole family Saturday night, gave Steve a blessing, rescheduled the baptism, and even talked with Christina. This week we are goin back to see what she says and we are still gonna go through with the baptismal service on Saturday. Pray that everything goes well! Yesterday at church we were surprised as well to see that one of our newer investigators, Yanira, came even though she said she wasn't going to be able to. And she loved it! She's super positive! Pray for her too! It was a really hectic but fun week! This next week will be awesome too! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Bye!

Elder Abilez

We got Domino's across the border...

Hawaiian pizza thanks to the help of some members

Diva the puppy!

Future Elder Bejerano

Future Sister Bejerano (just needs to get over her shyness)

Power to the People!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 97 Corozal, Belize-June 5, 2017

The Great Plan of Redemption

Or the Great Plan of Happiness or Plan of Salvation. Whichever you prefer. That seemed to be a theme of our teachings this week. In any case, they were all powerful lessons. It is one of the most central teachings of the church and one that also brings the most joy and peace! And it's more fully explained and recorded in the Book of Mormon. How blessed are we to be members of the Lord's church and have an understanding of such a plan! This past week was great! We had a meeting in Belize City early on in the week and interchanges with a special companionship, the zone leaders of Belize City. There are some changes being made in the Belize side of the mission so this is something new that will be beginning. Interchanges between zone leaders. And so, I got to spend a few days working in Corozal with Elder KAUFUSI! Haha it was awesome! After a whole year we got to work together again! Made up a little bit for the second transfer we never got together haha. But it was a really great interchange and we had a lot of fun. Also, Brittany, Christine, and Steve are doing great and their baptism is set for this coming Saturday. Pray for them so all goes well! This next week we will be busy busy busy! Also I'm gonna get to have interchanges with Elder Gallardo! Two past companions in two weeks! It'll be fun. And work. well i hope you all have a great week as well! Love you!

Elder Abilez

Interchanges with Elder Kaufusi!

Also with my beloved Bejerano family!