Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 99 Corozal, Belize-June 19, 2017

Twas a good week

Hey everyone! This week was awesome! So biggest and best news is that Britney, Christina, and Steve all got baptized on Saturday! There were a few complications with getting the whole family there (rain and stuff) but it all worked out! Elder Gallardo was with me on interchanges this week and we went to see Christina and she had decided to get interviewed and be baptized. It was all a miracle! Well other than all of that the week was normal in terms of work. We got pig head tacos yesterday which were nice. This week we will have our Multizone and interviews with President. I'm nervous! But everything is good. Pray for Yanira and Ulrich! Pray for the Bejerano family! I will pray for all of you! I love you all very much! Have a great week!

Elder Abilez

Here are the pictures of the adventures we had as a trio last week!

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