Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 73 Corozal, Belize-December 12, 2016


So I have now been exposed to my fifth language on the mission. Spanglish. Here in Corozal that is one of the most widely spoken languages. And this isn't Spanish 2 high school students throwing in a spanish word from time to time to prove they learned something in class. This is another level, grammatical, english here a little there a little, spanglish. Its pretty funny actually. But so far things in Corozal with Elder Rasmussen has been super great! The area is awesome and the branch is actually really strong! Probably the strongest branch that i have been in my entire mission! The work here is always tough but there are a lot of really great people preparing for baptism and less active members who want us to help them get to the temple! The people here are a temple loving people and there isnt even a temple in this country! I have learned a lot already just being here for a week. I hope all of you are doing good keepin up with the Christmas initiative still. Serving others always. My comp and I are gettin pumped for our last Christmas in the field and have been decorating quite a bit in the house. Its gonna be a good one. This next week we have meetings and multizones so its gonna be really busy and fly by quick. Christmas will be here before we know it! I hope you all continue enjoying the season and continue seeing miracles in your lives. Love you all so much!
Elda Abilez

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