Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 80 Corozal, Belize-February 6, 2017

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22 (2 parts)

Hey! This week was amazing! Especially yesterday in church! We're about to go out to Altun Ha with the zone so i dont have time to write right now. But! I will be back in the afternoon. For now, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! Cant wait to tell you how everything is going! Love you! Bye for now!

Elder Abilez

Hey! I'm back! Okay just had an awesome PDay with the zone and with the Belize City Zone. Altun Ha was awesome! I will send pictures of course. My birthday has been great so far! Again, thank you all for the birthday wishes, I love you! Okay, so this week was really really great. Mostly I just wanna talk about a few things from the past few days. So we received a reference from the missionaries in Cayo to give to the missionaries in Orange Walk. It was for a man named Nelson and his girlfriend Mati who were really really interested in the gospel and had moved to Orange Walk. But! We got a call Friday morning from the missionaries in Orange Walk telling us they had actually moved to Corozal! They live in a far away village called Libertad but we moved a lot of plans around, called them, and went out to meet them as fast as we could. And they're awesome! Beautiful couple right here. Nelson actually grew up in West Covina so it was cool talkin with him and getting to know him. We had interchanges with Elder Rigby and Elder Daly this past week as well. I got the chance to work with Elder Rigby (who is from my MTC group) and it was an awesome couple of days work. Best part of the week though? Sunday. Best Sunday I think I have ever had. And I have had some pretty awesome Sundays especially on the mission. We got a member to help us bring Nelson and Mati to church and they absolutely loved it! Nelson even bore his testimony! It was his first time in church! Really really great testimony too. Also, Marsela and her kids were able to make it and they all LOVED the church! Theyre all so excited to come back and get involved. Also, right as the meeting was beginning people suddenly started flooding into the chapel! We had to open the overflow section! All 4 of us missionaries were just nonstop smiling as we saw so many investigators and less actives just flow into the chapel. Highest attendance I've seen in Corozal and I've never seen so many investigators in one branch at once. And, this coming week we are having an activity teaching about the temple to get members motivated and also to teach investigators. Luckily, this past weekend there was a temple trip for the branch so all the members, youth and adults, were bearing their testimonies about the temple and how great the gospel is because of the promises we receive in the temple. The Spirit was so unbelievably strong. It was the perfect meeting. Elder Rasmussen and I are still talking about how great it was. This may sound strange to you all these things that I'm saying (it's hard to fully understand an experience like this without experiencing it for yourself), and I dont wanna come across like we were the ones who caused all of these great things to happen, but I do know that the Lord has begun to really pour out blessings upon us and upon this area. I dont know what we have done to deserve such blessings but I honestly cannot attribute it to anything else but simply the love of the Lord for us and all His children. Honestly I can't fully express that day in words.In the end all I want to say is that being a missionary is amazing. Honestly amazing. I know it was hard to accept for a while having to wait to come out here for purposes beyond my control and see that all my friends and loved ones were already moving on in their lives, but I just cant be thankful enough to be a missionary. I never would have had these exact experiences if i hadnt come out when i did. I will cherish these moments forever. They are experiences and blessings and joys that are only possible through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that I am a member of this church and can continue this work even after the nametag comes off. And I am grateful for all of you and your love and support always. I hope you have an amazing week! I know you will! Love you!
Elder Abilez

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