Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 81 Corozal, Belize-February 13, 2017

I Love to see the temple, I'm going there someday

Hello! this past week was BUSY! Literally nonstop this week. From birthday P Day on Monday to the CLM meeting in Belize City on Tuesday, Sister Leyva's birthday Wednesday and having to prepare the activity and zone conference, last second interchanges on thursday for a baptismal interview, activity on Friday, and then a baptism on Saturday. So so so so busy! But it was an awesome week! The activity we had on Friday was a big success! The point of the activity was to teach some people (investigators) about what is the temple and then motivate others (the members) to prepare to go. After the activity there were some members that said that they felt excited to go to the temple again soon or work on their family history to bring names! Really really cool. This next week we will have a follow up activity to teach people about family history and how to do it. should be cool. Then, on Saturday we had a baptism for Darnell Perez! He is actually the son of a member but because he's 9 the baptism falls under the mission's jurisdiction. Still he's a super cool and funny kid and we visit his family often. The service was really great too. This next week we will be really busy with a multizone, interviews, meetings, and the activity. I actually have to go to the doctor tomorrow for a small procedure on my foot (I'm fine) and will probably have to rest a couple of days. It seems kinda overwhelming to have to sit out when there is so much to do and we have so many people to teach but it'll work out. Our investigators are doing good and theyre all really excited to keep learning. everything is good right now! Alright well I hope you all have a great week this week! Tell my Mom happy birthday on Thursday and give her a hug because I wont be there to do it! Next year though...okay I love you all bye!
Elder Abilez

Choo Choo

Corozal Sunset

Sunset selfie

Corozal Bay

Check out this sweet bus!

Temple of the Sun God

View from the top

Other temple

Overlooking the Ruins of Altun Ha

Happy group picture

The birthday betrayal...

Feeling 22 on Altun Ha!

The sisters made me the poster

Dinner and cake with the Tun Family

Also with danny

Darnell's baptism!

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