Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 79 Corozal,Belize-January 30, 2017

I would walk 500 miles

Hey wad gwan? This past week was great! We did a LOT of walking around. This week was special because we had a worldwide missionary broadcast from the missionary department of the church. Really really awesome broadcast. I learned a lot that is gonna help me personally as a missionary and help the work move forward. There were also some pretty big changes made with how we do work so it has been cool so far to use those changes and see the results. This week we were blessed a lot even though the work was tough. I dont know if I mentioned but last week we ran into a couple who was on vacation from California here. They're the Johnsons. The husband is a member of the church though a little less active. Last week they had invited us to dinner and this week we ran into them again and they invited us again on Friday! They are an awesome and really loving family. I'll send some pictures! We had a lot of investigators in church this week which was a huge miracle. We had a great visit with Marsela this week but unfortunately she wasnt able to come to church last minute. She was sad about it too though and will definitely go this week. Shes doing great! Alright well lots of things are comin up so we are going to constantly be busy. Thanks for all your love and support always! Have a great week!

Elder Abilez

That's Chetumal, Mexico

We went to a place called Consejo Shores on PDay

Candid laughing picture with the Johnsons trying to make the timer

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