Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 78 Corozal, Belize-January 23, 2017

Birthdays and Changes

Hello friends and family! This last week was a busy one! So on Tuesday we had the changes meeting and the whole zone got changed except for Elder Rasmussen and I. Crazy! We ended up having to stay the whole rest of the day in Belize City because we had a meeting with the District Presidency in the evening. It was cool to be able to work in the city for a bit. We went on divisions with the missionaries there and I went out with Elder Rodriguez. He was born in the Dominican Republic but grew up in the Bronx. He's a fairly new missionary but he knows his stuff already and is a great guy. The meeting with the Presidency was great because we were able to go over the progress of the branches in our zone and make plans with the leaders as to how to help out the church there. President Ochoa (the District President) is an awesome guy and an amazing, dedicated leader. I really respect him a lot. The rest of the week was more or less normal. Saturday was Elder Rasmussen's 20th birthday! We had a small celebration with the district so it was fun. The sisters had a baptism Saturday afternoon as well. Sunday we hit our official 18 month mark! I finished a sister missionary mission haha! There were huge changes made in our branch presidency here in Corozal as well. The leadership is really strong here so we are excited to get down and work with these men and are really feeling positive that the branch is going to start growing a lot. Alright now a nice tender mercy experience. So Saturday we actually were excited not only for the baptism and for my companion's birthday, but also we had just about the entire day full with set appointments with investigators. We were so ready to have to run around town just to make it to all these appointments. What it came down to is that every single appointment was falling through throughout the day. Every single one. We got to around 6 pm without a single lesson or anything done. And we even left in the morning to work that day. But we kept going. Finally we went to the house of a new investigator we recently found and she was home! And it was an absolutely amazing lesson. Her name is Marsela and she has been prepared to receive this message! She even told us at the end of the lesson (and this is the first lesson) that she already feels that what we were teaching is true. That hardly ever happens! So huge tender mercy after literally walking for miles back and forth across town just to have all of our plans fall apart. Our joy was great with just that one soul that was brought closer to our Heavenly Father. I can testify of that. Missionary work is hard but the most satisfying thing I have ever done! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Abilez

Saying goodbye to Elder Chavez

Selfie with birthday boy Razzmatazz

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