Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 5 CCM--August 25, 2015

I'm kind of a big deer

so funny stuff here. our teacher hermano bajan related us as bambi deers at the beginning of our time here in the ccm. now that we are in our last week (what?!) he calls us big deer missionaries. and isnt that crazy that this is my last email from the ccm?? who knows when you all will hear from me again! maybe not even for another two years! well probably not that long but you get the point. so, this last week was an absolute blur and as far as i can tell nothing out of the ordinary realllllllyyyyy happened. but thats okay. lets get down to the nitty gritty. so something that was a big topic on sunday was obedience. and that has been something that i have been thinking of a lot lately too. when youre at byu or on a mission there are a bunch of new rules and whatever. and lots of times people hate them. but! the people that really dont mind the rules or the commandments in general are the people that are actually keeping them! when you are breaking the rules you become frustrated because you get punished or just because you know youre a terrible person. well not a terrible person but just not doin whatcha supposed to ya know. and that is something that i have noticed here A LOT. especially with all these younger guys. they get reminded constantly about rules that they arent keeping and need to keep and they keep asking why we needa have that rule, why its important, all these things. and its like dude just do what youre supposed to and i promise you it will be okay and you wont be upset by it. im not perfect, and every once in a while i too will stretch a rule or two here. but the rules that people complain about i think are so silly because i have no problem with them at all because of the diligence that i am striving for in keeping them. so you young ones out there, when your parents give you rules for curfew or chores or whatever, just do it. you will only have problems if you make them problems. and those at school or going on missions, dont be dumb. youre an adult now and you need to have the mind of an adult and the submissiveness of a child so that you can humbly accept the things that your leaders and your Lord ask you to do. okay spiritual rant over. in addition to being my last p day here it was also my last time going to the guatemala city temple. little sad about that. but! it was the best trip i have had so far. being able to feel absolute peace and clarity of mind is a great blessing. dont take for granted the opportunities to go to the temple because i have no idea when the next time will be that i can go again and its a little sad. but ill be okay. the ccm is great and im gonna miss presidente y hermana cox tons and all the friends ive made that wont be going to my mission. missions are great. the Lord is great. this whole church and gospel are great! theres an hermana here from belice and she asked me and my companion to find her mom and baptize her because she is the only member in her family. just hearing that lets me know exactly what my purpose is. to bring families together for eternity and in everlasting happiness with our Savior and Father in Heaven. i love you all so much and i pray for you guys. remember to pray when you feel you need the strength or guidance in your life. you will receive. matthew 21:22 (for sure this time) Y todos los que pidáis en oración, creyendo, lo recibiréis. and remember to be obedient. because thats how you can find fun and joy in your life. okay talk to you all whenevs! bye!

an addendum: on sunday elder ostler y yo got to bless the sacrament in spanish and president cox after told me that that was the best job any nortes had ever done on the sacrament prayers so that was cool.

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