Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 2 CCM--August 4, 2015


so good news. im pretty much like 95 percent healthy again so thats fun. terrible story though, like 20 some missionaries got sick last week with food poisoning. well i think it was food poisoning but they say it was a bug. there was no way that everyone got sick all in the same night so violently though for it to not have been food poisoning. im just glad i didnt get it because food poisoning sucks more than anything. only like 3 guys got it in our district and only one of them was super bad. i dunno if i mentioned our investigator pablo last week or not. well he "died" and we arent teaching him anymore. But! we had a lesson with him last week (actually our last lesson with him) that was totally awesome. we had planned to teach him about the commandments but when we walked in he was drinking a cerveza so i went ahead and lead the lesson into the word of wisdom. we totally scrapped like everything we had planned right there at the start of the lesson. i was amazed at how everything we felt we needed to express we were able to in spanish. elder ostler even was able to reference a talk from one of the apostles to help pable understand. it was seriously perfect and the biggest breakthrough we had had with pablo. and then he died. we got two new investigators though! America y Max. America has a lot of doubts but shes interested so we kept our first lesson simple with an introduction to the book of mormon. then max is super quiet and has a lot of problems because his wife left him a month ago and took his kids. that was a great lesson with max. from the moment he said that he lost his family i just felt an immense love for this man. i expressed to him how my parents are divorced and the trials that come from it but because we have the gospel in our lives we are able to be happy and blessed by the Lord. i shared d&c 58:3-4 with him and i think that helped a lot. we got him to open up to us quite a bit too. both of these first lessons we did without our notes and by the direction of the spirit so it was super cool. learn from your experiences so you can help bless other people! thats what i try to do in my district and in my lessons. so in opposition to our great lesson with pablo Wednesday, this past Saturday we taught a real less active member. the introduction was great and i was handling all the get-to-know-you and "find the need" questions. once the actual lesson started i totally blanked and couldnt think of what i was supposed to say or even how to say it. i just kept bearing my testimony simply cuz thats all i could come up with. luckily elder ostler is the man and basically taught the entire lesson but it was still a rough time. i figure i should talk about my district some more. so its me and elder ostler, our district leader elder mcfarland and elder maxwell, our zone leader elder harris and elder hartwell, elder lawrence and elder kreutzer (who we met in the airport) elder garfield and elder gardner, and elder gee and elder hallman. kreutzer y yo are from california, gardner and hartwell from idaho, ostler from washington, and lawrence is from arizona. everyone else is from utah of course. also everyone just graduated this year so thats cool. most of the time i dont even think about how im so much older than everyone here but occasionally it can be pretty obvious that some elders havent quite grown up yet. i even found out that my teacher hermano bahan is only like 8 months older than me. my district is a bunch of good guys though and we are all pretty close so thats cool and it makes it fun. its like living in the dorms again except maybe the dorms in idaho because there are all kinds of rules up in here. you know whats really cool here? how fast the clouds move. like really go out and watch the clouds move and i bet you its 20 times faster here. its crazy. just a random thought there. also it hasnt been as hot and humid here as i was expecting it to be but i know that el salvador is gonna be a lot worse. it also hasnt been raining as much as normal and guatemala does get more rain than el salvador. its interesting. the weahter here is seriously just like california though. cool in the morning (bordering on chilly) and then hot during the day but breezy. and then its super stuffy in our room at night so it really is just like being at home. except the bunks here arent inteded for 12 year olds so i can actually sit up in them (my family will understand this struggle) anyway, things here are good. food is good (we had pupusas for breakfast the other day!). people are good. this place is kind of a cespool of germs right now but its good. and a bunch of new latinos are starting to come in today and then the rest of the new missionaries will come tomorrow! im gonna miss a lot of the latinos that left this morning though. they are a fun, wild bunch. okay everyone be good! sorry my email is horrendously long so bless you if you actually read it all. church is true. missionary work is cool. learn spanish cuz its so fun. Love you all!

Elder Abilez and his district at the temple!

MTC photo (not inclusive, he says they're missing some of the Elders and all of the Sisters)

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