Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 4 CCM--August 18, 2015

I thought of a good title earlier but I forgot it...

heyyyyyy! so we just got back from the temple. good stuff right there obviously. and i finished the family names that i brought. tonight and tomorrow we are getting new missionaries again. feels like we just got this last group of latinos and they are already gone. we are officially the oldest missionaries in the ccm! and as of this very moment i am THE oldest missionary! until some 23 year old latino comes again. so its really hard to think of things to write about because the things i do are so trivial every day. ya know lessons and stuff. but! on friday i reached my goal of reading through the entire book of mormon while being in the ccm! super great and im proud of myself for being able to do it. everyone read the book of mormon! im already back in alma from restarting it and i cannot stop reading it! this last week the director of all the international mtc´s came to guatemala and he will be here for another week i believe. hes a super cool guy and can speak 4 languages fluently! he was also one of the people who worked on preach my gospel so getting to learn from him has been so cool. his name is brother lane steinagel. he told us the other day that the guatemala ccm is the best mtc in the world! not bragging or anything. yesterday he and one other director sat in on a lesson that elder ostler and i had with our investigator. luckily, it was probably the best lesson we have ever had. it was all on the importance of family and how commandments blesses families because the husband of our investigator is not too open to having us teach his wife. but we committed her to invite her family to our next lesson and gave her the proclamation to the world and all kinds of good things. seriously cool lesson. i just realized that this is my second to last email in the ccm. thats kinda crazy. we are all getting so excited to head out though its unreal. alright imma go respond to some peeps here and there and do the Lords work. love you guys! les extraño mucho!

-elder abilez

ps. a talk we watched this week was elder bednars from the provo mtc christmas 2013 (super cool q&a) so try to look that one up!

so here is our new picture with some of the new missionaries from this last week. we will take new new pictures next monday with the incoming missionaries. not much has changed but my hair is growing back. that is until theyll probably cut it tomorrow

Elder Abilez has requested that if you want to write him within the next two weeks that you do so through his email address, which is posted on the right. Snail mail takes two weeks to arrive to the CCM and he only has 13 days left there! Hard to believe we're down ONE MONTH already!

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