Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 3 CCM--August 11, 2015

So this one will be interesting

Oh hey guys! so this will be fun because like all day yesterday i was trying to think of what i was gonna letcha all know about my life and stuffs but i really cant remember a lot that went down last week. for real this week was crazy fast. in fact, i missed several days writing in my journal and now i have no recollection of what happened on thursday or friday really. but hey ive got a few things! so wednesday we got a whole new zone of new missionaries! thats fun. theyve changed a lot of the schedules here so i really only ever see my zone around and ive gotten to talk to like 5 of the new missionaries. but i getta talk to the new latinos a bunch during meals so thats great. and we have two of the latinos living in our room now! good stuff. oh and wednesday night presidente and hermana cox invited us to their apartment for popcorn and lemonade shhhhh...it was super fun though and we were just chatting with them for like an hour and it was soooooooo cool. like i dont know how presidente cox didnt baptize the entire country of peru when he served because just listening to him talk is so powerful. i cant imagine what it would feel like to receive a lesson from him. so lets skip to saturday cuz i really dont think thursday and friday exist. on saturday my companion elder ostler became our district leader! so thats fun to work with him and its cool because hes a pretty natural leader and has great motivation. we taught 3 lessons on saturday. one to each of our investigators America y Max and another to a menos activo. also i just realized my keyboard is actually set to spanish so now i really dont know how to use it. anyway, those lessons were great of course! look for the Spirit because he will provide great guidance! sunday was the bees knees. all kinds of good talks and lessons. the best though was we got to watch a talk by richard g scott that he gave in the provo mtc 2 years ago (when dylan was in the mtc!) and it was an amazing talk. if its at all possible, try to look it up. it was given april 16, 2013 and was all about prayer. oh and we got to watch a live broadcast of elder nelson speaking in the provo mtc last week. that was great too. i saw keri lidell in the choir so thats fun. ummmmmm yesterday was more or less typical except it was super fast. we started teaching an investigator that another missionary has come up with. that was cool except that we had like no time at all to actually teach anything. oh well. so yeah temple this morning was obviously bueno, and elder duncan of the area seventy is coming tonight so lots of cool things! next week we become the oldest missionaries here! (even though im already like the oldest missionary here) crazy that im halfway out of the ccm already! okay have fun everyone! dont break your arms. dont use too many tissues on your tears cuz you miss me so much. look up matthew 22 21 (or maybe its 21 22) for a simple but powerful scripture on prayer! love you all! nos vemos!

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