Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 53 Layco District, El Salvador (Zone Leader)-July 25, 2016

Livin on a Prayer

Hey! So this week was awesome! A lot happened but i have a lot of pictures to send so i will make it a little brief. My companion and i were flying around this week because we had two interchanges with the district leaders. On Tuesday I stayed in the area with Elder Rubio (from Honduras (we even got some comida hondureƱa, baleadas)) and on Thursday i worked with Elder Castellanos (from Guatemala) also in the area. We were able to get a lot of work done those two days and saw many miracles. One of the best things was that when i was with elder rubio, Michelle agreed to be baptized and was baptized on Friday! The best way to celebrate my one year milestone with a baptism! And the baptism was great! Her grandmother (not a member) even came and at the very end her grandfather (inactive member of 21 years) surprised her and came as well. they both were crying and sooooo happy! at the very end we even had planned to sing Families Can Be Together Forever so it was perfect and so spiritually powerful. She was even able to go with the ward youth to visit the temple on saturday (not enter of course). Unfortunately, she didnt come to church yesterday so we werent able to have her confirmation yet but we are anticipating to continue with her for the next sunday. overall it was a great week. this is the last week of the change so we are buckling down to get a lot of work done. i am planning to go and work in my first area of layco again this week on interchanges so that will be fun. we will also be having a baptism for this little girl nicole on saturday so pray that everything goes well for that service. i hope you all have a great week as well! love you all!

Pupusa Count: 32
Baptism for Dennis! (July 15)

With his mom and Michelle

Baptism Selfie!

Overlooking part of our area

Michelle's baptism! (with family)

Michelle's baptism! (as companionship)

As always, baptismal selfie
baptismal service selfie ft. julie (la investigadora fiel)

just before the service selfie ft. michelle
with the whole family
just after baptism
it rained buckets so we used appropriate hair drying methods

with the youth and familias martinez y amaya
more jovenes selfie

celebratory 1 year edance

they got me cake and rubbed my face in it!

such love
burning that 1 year shirt!

it went up in flames crazy fast

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