Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 51 Layco District, El Salvador (Zone Leader)-July 11, 2016

Weekend as an AP

So the biggest thing from this past week is that all day friday and saturday we had interchanges with the assistants. i went out with my bud elder leslie to his area so i lived the life of an AP. i didnt actually do anything that an AP does but i was there for the ride. and by ride i mean the errands trip we had to make all the way across the mission and back early in the morning saturday. the life of an AP is tough sometimes haha. But it was a great experience and my companion and i really learned a lot. One of the greatest things that i learned this week is the importance of consecrating yourself as a missionary. really huge miracles can be performed when your whole being is devoted to the work. But it certainly is not an easy task. Just imagine, an innocent thought or comment about home or your life before or after the mission literally takes your mind off the work for even just a moment. Consecration completely requires abstinence from even simple things like that. It isnt an impossible feat but it isnt completely easy. I do not expect to ever be completely consecrated to the mission (i am a very imperfect man after all), but the value of being that kind of missionary is extremely high. And we can be consecrated members as well. The church is not just a church. It is not just where we go to feel good and pump us up. It is a way of life. It is THE way of ETERNAL LIFE. and so, it makes sense to consecrate yourself to this church, to the gospel of Jesus Christ. That isnt to say that we shouldnt enjoy life or the things that the Lord has given to us in this world, but rather we should be more anxiously engaged in the cause and look to consecrate us just a little more. Imagine what could happen if instead of sleeping in an extra 10 minutes every day we read our scriptures for 10 minutes. Imagine if instead of watching our favorite show for 40 minutes we served our neighbor. Imagine if instead of playing games we planned a great family home evening. Now this is advice from a hypocrite. I am one who lived my whole youth sleeping in an extra 10 minutes, catching all my favorite shows at their debut times, and definitely enjoyed playing games. But for that purpose we just need to bind together and make this a reality. Consecrate ourselve more to the cause of the Lord and see what great good we can do in the world. Because really there is no greater good than this gospel. That we might be better servants of the Lord this week. I love you all! Salud!

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