Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 24 Layco District, El Salvador--January 4, 2016

I'm a sister missionary!

so officially today i go home in 18 months. so im a sister missionary! and we all know that the sister missions are crazy fast so im scared haha. but on the real lots of stuff is goin around here. we are official house hunters! we had to move houses so we spent almost an entire day last week searching for a house until we found one close to where we live now. we hope to be able to move in tonight but the owner is a bit of a pill...more its just the legal stuff that is complicated right now since we are just playing messager. so both of our zone leaders are ending their missions this week. 10 other zone leaders are also leaving and there are about 7 missionaries going to belize. as such, a whole lot of changes are happening around here. one of the craziest, is that elder gardiner (from distrito pedro in the ccm) is now our zone leader here in layco! so i guess that means that we are officially old enough in the mission to start getting serious callings like that. we get the transfers information tonight or tomorrow so we will see if i get to stay here in layco or not. being trainer and district leader its more likely that i stay (i hope). so this past week we have visited a lot with gerson to continue teaching him about the church and to get him ready for receiving the priesthood and working towards the goal of the temple. in our visits he always thanks us for what we have done and tells us that he knows that this is the true church. he is also, little by little, sharing the gospel with us to his friend and his mother and sister. its great to see. i had the chance to watch the movie "on the lord´s errand" which is a small documentary on president thomas s monson. in it, he states that he was an ordinary man who lived a rather ordinary life, but was given an extraordinary calling. i know that i, too, am an ordinary man but i, through the Lord, have accomplished extraordinary things such as helping Gerson to accept the everlasting gospel of Christ. It is amazing to me as a missionary that the Lord is so loving and trusting that He is willing to bring to pass His marvelous work through means of such ordinary, imperfect people. That too is testimony to me of the divinity of this church because really it must be directed by our Savior to continue to function and grow despite of the follies of man. and so, remember that though we may all be ordinary people that the Lord has specifically chosen us to accomplish extraordinary things in this life for Him. Trust in yourselves and trust in the Lord and He will guide you in all things. Hope you all had a great New Year! love you all!

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