Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 27 Layco District, El Salvador--January 25, 2016

This week was super good! No clever title here!

okay so this week (like i said last week) we had the broadcast for all the missionaries on wednesday and elder cook came on saturday! dang those two meetings were awesome! in the broadcast we heard from elder andersen, elder oaks, elder bednar, and many other general authorities. on saturday we also got to hear from elder christensen from the presidency of the seventy, elder ochoa from the area seventy, and all of their wives. it was such an incredible meeting. of course meeting all of them personally and hearing from elder oaks was the highlight. the message from elder oaks was fantastic. what really struck me however was his testimony at the end. i know that he is an inspired apostle of the Lord who has been called personally by Him. We are so blessed in our day to have inspired leaders who communicate directly with the Lord to guide us in this day. That is part of the hope that we have as members of the restored church of Jesus Christ. We literally have the direction of our Heavenly Father so that we can be truly happy for all eternity. No other church can provide that. No other way of life can provide that. I am so grateful for the blessings that we receive in this church. Yesterday we committed Fabiola (the best friend of Gerson) to baptism for the 6th of February (best birthday ever!). It will be great to see how she can begin to receive all of these blessings of this restored church as well. pray that all will go well in these coming weeks to get ready for her baptism. i love all of you so much! have a great week!

elder abilez

pupusa count: 29

we painted a garage!

bacon pancakes, makin bacon pancakes (except theyre banana pancakes)

elder goodman! friend from the ccm (also ft. elder maxwell) we saw many missionaries from the ccm at the conference with elder cook

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