Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 20 Layco District, El Salvador--December 7, 2015

I dont have much to say. But if you vote for me all of your wildest dreams will come true

but really i dont have much to say. this week we went to the temple on wednesday! the temple here is totally beautiful (i think ive mentioned that before) but goin inside finally was great. we didnt work at all that day because it was in the middle of the day that we went. also we had the christmas devotional last night so i hope you were all able to watch. it was seriously awesome. if you havent seen it repent and watch it. ummm other than that we just went contacting a lot this week. nothing too crazy to report. apparently we are going to be moving houses this month so hopefully no more cucarachas for us. Okay love you all have a good week!

Pupusa Count: 29
Some additions from his emails to his mom and sister:
we have two progressing investigators only right now. gerson came to church yesterday so hes super good. xiumara didnt and she has her baptism for the 19 so we are starting to worry a bit because if she doesnt come to church this week she cant be baptized that day. and we still need to teach her a bunch of stuff. we shall see.
 tell everyone i say hi! especially the cottos haha. there have been people that i have met here that have reminded me of them. and sometimes people say they have relatives in the church that live in LA and i always hope that its the cottos but it never is. its funny because now i can totally see how they are salvadorean. look a lot like the gente here haha.
yeah we have seen a lot of fireworks. they dont bother me anyway. gunshots dont bother me either. we live near a military zone so there are practices going on from time to time so really hearing gunshots is a daily occurrence almost. its been really cool and windy here actually. hasnt rained in a few weeks. the people here are freezing but i just wanna wear shorts and enjoy it.
templo and stuff
Here´s a picture from our english class from saturday! on the far left we have la familia gomez (a family we reactivated) Hermana Alvarez (whose son just recently left for the tijuana mission) and my bud on the left is from LA! he has a crazy backstory and hes so cool. i will talk more about him at a later time maybe
templo de la noche

elder harris and i a month ago on intercambios

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