Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 19 Layco District, El Salvador--November 30, 2015

Uh I wanted to use a song title here but i dont think anyone would know it. also not like the best reference either

Hey how are things? all good things here. its starting to get cooler here and its nice and breezy so it feels like california on the off days of fall when its not 80 degrees. if that makes sense. the people here think its cold and wear jackets and shiver a lot so its kinda funny. this past week feel crazy fast. especially considering how much contacting we had to do because we now have a lack of investigators/areas to visit. but we never stop working! this past week was fun though! last monday we cleaned our apartment some more and especially cleaned out a very large box. cucaracha count: 50+. i counted at least 50 large ones but couldnt identify where the tiny ones went that we killed and so it could have easily been 70. super gross but now our apartment is just a little bit cleaner! haha. on thanksgiving i had the great opportunity to eat my 200th pupusa! so my thanksgiving dinner was a giant pupusa of course. we had an activity in another area of our zone where all the missionaries set up a table to hand out folletos and stuff and this old guy from the stake high council was shouting about the church like some evangelist preacher and we had a choir and everything. it was super funny and really fun. no pictures though unfortunately from that. also this week i found out that my new favorite thing to do around here is go around at night and look for the old guys with guitars waiting for the bus and ask them to play us a song and talk about God. its pretty amazing because some of these guys are sad or dont have much but they really have a lot of talent with singing and playing music. even in just little ways the Lord blesses us with talents or whatever other things that we can enjoy. its fun being here in layco and knowing the people pretty well. still we get rejections and are walking back and forth across town just to find one person to even talk to but im enjoying it immensely! love you all! roll around on some carpet cuz that junk doesnt exist here! saluuuuuuud!

Pupusa count: 14

Pupusa 200!

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