Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 17 Layco District, El Salvador--November 16, 2015

 It came from the drain

heres a story for my mother this week. the other day i was in our bathroom brushin my teeth or something, i dont remember. then i saw something moving in the drain a bit. i stopped and looked down and out crawled a very large cockroach. sudden inspiration caused me to react quickly and crush it with my companions shampoo bottle (dont tell him). crisis averted. so yeah sorry guys i dont have much to say about this past week. so instead i will talk about this coming week! tomorrow is thanksgiving for us missionaries! we are gonna have a multi zone meeting with the whole (san salvador part) mission! dinner and all. itll be great. and this week is the last week of this short cambio. entonces, it is very possible that elder palacios will be going. por lo general the trainers leave and the new missionaries stay to kind of direct the area with a new companion. oh yeah im not gonna be in training anymore after this change! thats kind of daunting but exciting too! right now our area is tough and we are running out of places to go to find new investigators (our area is really small as well) but we are gonna work really hard, faithfully to have success. pray for our investigators cuz like no one is progressing and we are kinda sad about it! but all good things because this is now our chance to exercise a greater faith in the Lord! okay be good! have fun! study the scriptures! love you all! ¡salud!

Pupusa Count (I forgot last week...): 61! next week i will give the final count for this cambio like always

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