Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 15 Layco District, El Salvador--November 2, 2015


hey i hope you all enjoyed your halloween! in the spirit of halloween heres some good experiences that we had to creep you guys out! (as in to maybe make my mother feel all gross). so last p day we decided we needed to clean our house a bit. i was the sweeper (professional grade from my training in my youth), but there was this box underneath my table that i wanted to go through and throw away. there are a lot of boxes and areas full of missionaries old stuff. so i told my comp that we should go through it and through out less important things. and so we began. and i knew beforehand there would be cucarachas. thats a given. lift up the first book, boom two cucarachas grandes. one jumps out of the box and i kill it. at this point i realize we need to work together to clean this little box. elder palacios wraps his hand in a plastic bag and begins digging through the box. lift up the next book (large manual actually), boom 6 cucarachas. my comp shouts "oh freak!" (which is funny cuz he doesnt speak english) and then decides to just dump the whole box on the floor. i lost count of how many cucarachas there were after 12...but hes standing there shouting "mátalas! mátalas! mátalas!" and so i start swatting them all with a broom to stop them from running and he is stomping them to death. luckily we were successful in killing them all and exterminating this little box. this week we plan to go through this other box that is probably twice as big and is overflowing with stuff. so thatll be fun! yesterday i also saw two cucarachas in the street the size of rats. and i saw an actual rat climbing a wall in this old lady´s house too on saturday. enjoy your day now mother! okay but good things that happened. on friday we had a lesson with victor and presidente y hermana hintze came to join in and help the lesson. it was super cool and really fun to be able to teach alongside them! they both bring a very unique Spirit to the lessons and it was fun to learn from their teaching styles as well. this week now we have victors baptism on saturday so pray that all things will go well with that! okay other than that i have nothing of severe significance. i hope you all enjoyed all the candy and count chocula for me! love you all bye! 

Pupusa Count: 34 womp womp (when your comp runs out of money and you have fast sunday/saturday you tend to eat less...)

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