Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 16 Layco District, El Salvador--November 9, 2015

¡Mapache! Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it!

Ha Im so witty with my email titles. okay the reason is this (now i realize, lame) story. we were contacting in this neighborhood with this member kid who is from the area (obviously). we pass this house and they had a pet baby mapache on a leash in front of the house. it was jumping on and climbing their bike it was funny. our friend assured us that its not a common pet, however. okay so yeah we had the baptism for victor on saturday! and it was his wifes birthday! so what better present than the prospect of now being able to be sealed in the temple in a year! we missed the confirmation because we were late to church picking up investigators...but so it goes. and hey i wasnt lying about the christmas thing a month ago. because, for weeks now people have been setting up decorations in their houses and now all stores have trees and stuff for sale and music and all. thats what happens when thanksgiving actually doesnt exist (and the people dont have to pretend that it doesnt *cough* americans *cough*). and hey im writing late because this morning we went to a volcano! it was super cool and the first p day that we have actually done something here! yay! cambios are coming up soon so who knows, maybe i will get sent to an area where we can do something like that every p day. but layco is still great and we actually just found this great investigator xiumara who is super positive and we are looking to baptize her at the end of this month (the next cambio) so i would be happy to be here for that as well. whatever is the will of the Lord! okay love you all so much have fun and be good this week byeeee

bautismo de victor
also i forgot my camera this day so these pics are from elder palacios. sorry if theyre bad

ignore that elder ramos didnt wait for elder harris to move...but this is partway down on the way back from the volcano. view of san salvador

Con los elderes volcan...we just got back from a volcano

view from the base of the short hike

the sign/pared at the start


el volcan



the cooolest museum everrrrr (at the base of where they hiked to the volcano)

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