Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 70 Dangriga, Belize-November 21, 2016

"They say Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Is that true????" "Yes! He was a prophet!" "Okay, thank you!" "Ok..."

That was a quick conversation we had with a slightly crazy man early one morning last week. It gave me a good chuckle. So this past week was pretty interesting to say the least. Garifuna Settlement Day 2016. The whole week in terms of working was pretty lackluster. No one let us in. And pretty much all of our investigators just told us that we had better try again the next week after the holiday was over...A whole lot of people came to Dangriga from all over the country (this is the "Culture Capitol") to celebrate the 19th so the streets were full. The actual day itself wasnt all that exciting. There was a parade and a fair and a lot of music and drum playing. We still enjoyed ourselves and got into the cultural buzz. The trip to the zoo was really really fun. Didnt get to hold a toucan though...this next week we are starting to plan some cool activities that we hope will start to get the members excited. This last week we began to start making some big realisations about the work here. We have been trying really really hard to reactivate and fellowship inactive members. But, this whole time we have been neglecting that in fact the active members need just as much help. If not, more. We were busy searching for the one when the ninety and nine were also starting to stray off. So before we start to go off looking for the one we need to make sure that the rest are okay and can manage for themselves before we go out searching. If that makes sense. We are all children of God. And so our needs are great. Whether we are active or not. So we hope that helping these active members first will help the Spirit thrive here and see that the branch becomes more self sufficient. Dangriga is a blessed place. This next Monday we will have a multizone with President Duncan of the Area Seventy so I am not sure when i will be writing next. So just be ready at all times. Be prepared. As they would say. Alright well I hope you all enjoy this week and especially Thanksgiving! Give thanks to all and especially thanks to the Lord. I am especially thankful that this thanksgiving I get to keep being a missionary. Love you all so much!
Elder Abilez

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