Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 62 Dangriga, Belize-September 26, 2016

Like little children

Hey guys this last week was super good and super fast! Wednesday was really boring because we didnt work for the holiday festivities. staying in house all day as a missionary is the worst. im convinced that staying in the house all day in general is just the worst. hopefully i wont do that ever again in my life. but this past week made me think a little bit. throughout all of my mission i have had a lot of really great learning experiences through my interactions with children. in all my areas that i have been in there are always little kids. always. this area is no different. and im sure you all have already noticed just as i have, how great little kids are. how sweet and innocent they are. maybe im biased because the little kids just naturally love the missionaries (whether they are good missionaries or not). but really we have a lot to learn from kids about love and innocence and meekness. i have also been excited about the coming general conference. its hard to believe that another 6 months have already passed and we are going to be able to listen to the living prophets once again. and then i connected these two ideas. how can i get the most out of this next conference? i need to be humble and submissive like these little children. it is no wonder that the scriptures admonish us to do just that. children really do submit more to the will of their parents and have a natural desire to do what they are told to be right. and we have this blessing to literally hear the words of our Father through the mouths of the prophet and the apostles. and so, if i want to get a lot out of this conference i should really humble myself and submit to the will of my Father so that these messages can change and help me. I hope that in some way you can all do the same. Learn from your children. Learn from you Father. We all have something more to learn and do. I have a lot more to learn and do thats for sure. I hope you all enjoy conference and are able to receive blessings from it as well. Love you all so much! Have a great week!
Elder Abilez

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