Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 61 Dangriga, Belize-September 19, 2016

how do you say book of mormon in kriol?

Guys Belize is awesome! Okay so last Tuesday we flew out (with slight complications as always) and then got right to the changes meeting and right to work. We flew in to Belize City and then had to take a 3 hour bus ride to our area. I am serving in Dangriga. This place is way cool. Its a beach town. But lemme say that again...BEACH town! I finally got to see the beach again after 14 months! On my second day here we went to it for a sec just for therapy purposes. Haha and dont worry, in this mission its allowed to go to the beach, just cant swim. My companion is Elder Arriaza. He is from Guatemala and is super cool. He wants to work super hard because this will be his third transfer in Dangriga and wants to get a lot done still. Unfortunately he has been sick lately with parasites so he hasnt been able to work. We live with two other missionaries though, Elder Contreras, who was in the group that left for Belize with me, and Elder Burris, who was in Layco Zone for a change with me as well. Mostly I have been working with Elder Burris but overall we have been working super hard and got a lot of work done. This next week we wont be working as much because it is Independence Day on Wednesday (and Kiana's bday if you wanna send her well wishes) and people apparently get crazy here. so that will be interesting. Overall I have seen a few strange animals (like this weird raccoon, shrew, monkey thing) and eaten some gooooood food. We can eat just about anything in belize so i have already eaten fish, lettuce, cabbage, and bacon. Its awesome. I was pretty sad to leave El Salvador because of all of the people there and all the time I had to spend there. With the time I have left it is possible that I end my mission here in Belize but I am still hoping I will be able to go back to El Salvador at least for my last transfer or something. Kriol is hard. It is like broken Jamaican English but also not even the same language. They speak it a lot here. Dangriga and Belize City are the two areas where Kriol is spoken most so i will probably be catching on. There are a lot of spanish speakers here too so i wont be losing spanish as bad as i had feared. and they speak garifana so who knows how many languages i will learn on the mission haha. We have seen a lot of miracles already here in our area and are confident that the Lord has prepared a lot of great things for us to accomplish in Dangriga. Its a new mission and a new adventure so I am super excited about it. I hope you all have a great week and that you enjoy fried chicken as much as I do here. Love you all so much!
Elder Abilez
Final Pupusa Count: 492 (i couldnt push it to 500 sorry...)

i got rained on hard but members lent me this coat

we had to clean the font before baptism (simiskey couldn't hang)

simiskey gettin the deep cleaning done

saying goodbye to michelle and golem

jose roberto got baptized!

one last "woohoo"

hermano gudhino

surprise javier pic

with gabriel

photo bombing with daniel

with daniel

ft. obispo torres (and baby)

more with gabriel

with fernando

with amaya and martinez family

hermano acosta!

with the familia gomez

with the familia cortez

with angelito y hermana jimenez

with hermano jimenez y karen

with ismael looking at the camera

the long office wait

made this snowman whilst waiting...

elder burrell and i about to take off!

the beach ft. me!

the beach!

caught a krabby at night*

*reference to PokemonGO, which his sister has told him about and he can't wait to play when he gets back :)

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