Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 57 Layco District, El Salvador (Zone Leader)-August 22, 2016

We're exhausted...

So this last week was a bit wild. As Zone Leaders Elder Simiskey and I have the duty to go out on interchanges with the missionaries for instruction and to see how the work is going. At the beginning of the change we had set the goal to visit all of the areas before the first 3 weeks of the change ended to be able to establish a lot of good work in the zone. Unfortunately, the first two weeks were pretty busy and we were only able to visit two areas. and so, to meet our goal and address a few concerns in the zone, this past week we had three interchanges in a row. quiere decir that elder simiskey and i didnt even work together for 3 whole days of this past week. doing one interchange is exhausting enough. and we did 3 in a row. and in the middle of those interchanges i also had to go to immigration to renew my residence in el salvador. so yes, we are exhausted. but it was a great week and we learned a lot from working in other areas and with the missionaries. our minds unfortunately werent 100% focused into our actual area for a little while and the results show. but for that reason we are buckling down to focus 110% into our area this week because we just have too many people to help. lots of plans for this next week and we are excited for what is coming. i hope you all also have busy weeks and get satisfaction out of reaching some goals! love you all so much bye!
elder abilez

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