Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 55 Layco District, El Salvador (Zone Leader)-August 8, 2016

Is it bad if I punched my in the face after only 3 days?

Hey! We had changes! Like I said, I am still here in Central and Elder Gallardo se fue para Sonsonate. My new companion is Elder Simiskey who is from Texas. He has a little more time than me and came back from Belize not too long ago so he has quite a bit of experience. Super cool guy. We have had a lot of good experiences already together. So this past week was mostly just the hectic baptism of Nicole that we rounded together Sunday morning, her confirmation, and the confirmation of Michelle (finally!) all yesterday. Great Sunday. On Saturday we had our temple tour for the mission so we were able to go with our investigators and members to visit the temple. Really great activity. I even was able to see a lot of people from San Julian! Including Javier and Catherine! They and everyone else are doing really good. Lots of blessings there. So, to explain, after the temple trip we had a little ward activity in the church and there we were playing soccer and the such. Our bishop (who, if i never mentioned before, is kinda crazy in a really good way) has boxing gloves and enjoys boxing/playing around. So after Elder Simiskey boxed the dang bishop for a little while we decided to play around and box each other. I punched him in the face...and he punched me in the face more than once...but it was super fun and funny and we all had a good time and a good laugh after haha. All things are good here. One of our long time investigators, María, accepted the goal to be baptized at the end of this month and so we are praying and fasting a lot for her to be able to overcome or receive solutions to a number of obstacles. Miracles will happen. Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Abilez

Pupusa Count: 6

Nicole's Baptism

San Julian

The District

The temple group (well like half...)

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