Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 49 Layco District, El Salvador (Zone Leader)-June 27, 2016

Big Changes

Hey so last week were changes! Elder Gallardo and I are stickin together in Central but nearly half of the zone has been changed. The districts have been rearranged so now we have 3 districts in the zone instead of 2. Also, tomorrow President and Sister Adams will be coming in and President and Hermana Hintze (or rather Brother and Sister Hintze) will be leaving on thursday. The mission is going to change a lot but we are all looking forward to the work and miracles we can perform with our new president. Right now in our area we are facing many trials. More specifically, the ward itself is facing many trials. We are now on about 2 months without a bishop and the toll is becoming heavy in the ward. As members, we really dont realize just how much the ward and we ourselves affect missionary work. I am not saying that our work is not good or putting any blame on the members, but there are great consequences that come from the spirituality of the ward. The missionaries work in a specific area. This area most often are the ward boundaries of the assigned ward. As such, if the Spirit is not thriving in the ward, neither can the Spirit thrive in the area. We as members must realize how much we really affect the work of the Lord. It is time as Saints to put off all that is petty, prideful, vain, and vulgar. To think that salvation is personal is ignorance. We know, through sacred ordinances, that true salvation comes from temple blessings and sealing to a family. But what are all of we? Nothing more or less than one big celestial family. So it is time to put down pride so that we have more capacity to carry one another. Service and love. Understanding and compassion. Repentance and forgiveness. Nevertheless, my companion and I were blessed to be able to see and perform a number of miracles in these last few days of our work. I say that not to boast of ourselves but rather, as Ammon, express how the Lord really does bless us and pour out the possibility for us to recognize and perfom miracles. It is my hope that all of you as well can begin to recognize and maybe perform miracles, especially in the times of deepest trial. Trials are temporary. Happiness is forever. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week full of miracles!

Elder Abilez

Pupusa Count: End of Last change: 30
                       Grand Total: 423
                       This change: 4

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