Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 48 Layco District, El Salvador (Zone Leader)-June 20, 2016

The End is Near

Heyo! So this last week was crazy because we had our multizone/farewell for president and hermana hintze! its just the strangest feeling to think that they are going to be gone soon. This week is cambios. I assume I will be staying here as zone leader at least for a little while longer so there is nothing to worry about. President and Hermana Adams arrive on the 28, the hintzes will leave on the 30th, and then we will have yet another multizone next week on july 1st to meet our new dad. The whole mission is changing and its just so strange. Today is the day that the missionaries bound for belize leave and as of now a good majority of my group from the mtc is in belize. I dont know when, but soon enough i will be off to belize as well. Whether I will end my mission there or here I cant tell at this point but its kind of a scary, sad thought. I love El Salvador. But for that reason I am really going to make what time I may or may not have left here worth it. This past Saturday we had a big activity in the church where a bunch of investigators came. Many were brought by members! It was a great experience. We are looking forward to the new change to keep working hard with the people we have progressing so we can really bless their lives. I, as well as many of you, am a witness of how this gospel can truly bless lives. For that reason I am always excited and happy to go out and see the changes that others, even strangers, can make in their own lives. I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Abilez

Pupusa Count: 30

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