Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 43 Izalco District, El Salvador-May 16, 2016

Now What?

Heyyyy! Changes were this last week! And we didnt get changes! kaufusi and i are gonna keep working together here in san julian and we are both stoked about it. We are making a lotta plans to be able to improve the work in this area. the members are excited to help us out and are always asking us when we are gonna have another activity in the church so its good to see that they wanna support us. our focus right now is to work smarter and more effectively. we have a few families and a number of people to focus on specifically so that they can also be baptized in this change. javier received the aaronic priesthood yesterday so that was a great experience! This past weekend we decided to do a little more exploring in our giant area. we had a couple of references for some people that live in a town called Cuisnahuat. We just call it Now What. Its especially funny cuz we missed the bus to go there on saturday and we just stood there for a second and finally said, Well, Now What? Luckily we were able to still make it there for the day. The town is way bigger than Ishuatan (but smaller than san julian) and like 5 times prettier too. it was super cool and we met a lot of cool people there. didnt find the references though...overall we are looking forward to making san julian a strong, spiritual area for missionary work. kaufusi and i have been talking a lot and have realized that no matter what happens in the mission, the most important thing always is the people. the people that we meet and especially the people that we bless with the gospel. a lot of missionaries try to focus just on the numbers. how many lessons we got in a week, how many invitations we make for baptism, or even just how many people we baptize. but if i have a day where we only sat down to teach even just two or three people in the whole day, but if those people felt the Spirit and felt a desire to change to make their lives a little bit better, thats real success. thats better than a high number. when i come back home i will never remember the numbers. i will never find significance in having the highest number of contacts in the mission. but i will remember the people who blessed my life. and i will remember the people who changed their lives as well. we are all God´s children. For that purpose, missionary work is the most important work we can be engaged in. I love you all and hope you all have a good week!
Elder Abilez

Pupusa Count: Last change total - 34
                       Grand Total: 394
                       This Change: 0 (we dont eat that many pupusas here...)

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