Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 41 Izalco District, El Salvador-May 2, 2016

The Wedding Bells Rang!

We did it! Catherine and Javier got married and baptized on saturday! It was so awesome and a bunch of members came to support and they were so happy to have finally reached this goal. After the baptism Kaufusi and I just sighed and congratulated each other because there was a lot of work involved haha. But we are still just so happy for them. Now we are teaching them about the temple and especially getting them ready so they can do temple baptisms in a month. they will be such a great eternal family. on sunday we got to confirm them and also carmencita was better so she too got confirmed. everyone was just so happy this whole weekend here in san juli├ín. this week i was reading in a liahona that had a lot of youth messages about missionary work. but honestly they were great messages for all of us, not just youth. a lot of it talked about success as a missionary. because what does it mean to have real success? the fact that we were able to baptize this family this week shows that we definitely had success. but success isnt just getting someone to accept the gospel when youre a missionary. success as a missionary comes when your desires are in line with the Lord´s and youre truly doing His will. When you are bold enough to talk to someone about the gospel, when you work without fear of judgment or anything else, or when you strive to always do your best, that is real success as a missionary. we all can be successful missionaries if we just try. Now, how many of us (and i hope its a good majority) pray for missionary experiences? Even more important, how many of us, then, act upon the soft promptings of the Spirit to be able to accept these missionary opportunities? I, unfortunately, before the mission was one of those people that prayed always for missionary opportunities but never once did i really do anything. thinking and reflecting now i can see all of the lost chances i had to be able to really bless the life of one of my friends or even a stranger if i had only been bold enough to be a successful missionary. even now in the mission there are times where i regretfully feel that i couldve have done just a little more. but we dont need to be that way. we can truly accept the promise found in D&C 18 where the Lord says that we will have great joy in bringing Him but only one soul, and even more so when we bring unto Him many souls. I know that we all have the chance to be successful missionaries so long as we are diligent in seeking out the opportunities and acting upon the Spirit to help a child of God in need. I know that this work is true. And, as the prophet Joseph Smith once counciled that when all is said and done, the most important thing is to share the Gospel. I love you all so much! thanks for all your love, prayers and support always. have a great week!
Elder Abilez

Pupusa Count: 25

IF YOU LIKE DRINKING HORCHATA! (those are the real lyrics of the song...) 
We rescued a butterfly!

Why so serious?

And named him roger

He was a companionship's best friend

Then he die

Viking funeral for Roger

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