Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 64 Dangriga, Belize-October 10, 2016

Obedience is the key

Hey! This past week was busy and great! On Monday we took a last second trip to the Mayan ruins nearby called Mayflower. Due to time purposes we were only able to go see the waterfalls that are up there but it was still really awesome. We want to go back another day in the morning to see more and also to be able to see toucans and monkeys! Then we made a bonfire on the beach for family home evening, a tradition we are hoping to continue starting tonight. After, on Tuesday, we had our Multizone in Belize City where President Adams focused mainly on the importance of obedience, especially as missionaries. I learned a lot in the meeting and it helped me to really reflect on everything i am doing and how in changing even the small things to be more obedient i can really bless my area. in the mission there are a lot of rules. many of which appear trivial. however, outside of the mission, where the "rules" arent as strict how often are we pushing the limits because we think it really does no harm? on thursday we also had interviews with President. In my interview he mentioned something that I really enjoyed while we were talking about what we learned in the multizone. He told me that while we can have a lot of success in the mission, and in life in general in this case, disobedience doesnt cause us to receive cursings, condemnation, or punishments from God. Always. But, in most instances, disobedience rather causes God to withhold blessings from us that He wants to give us. That really struck me. How many more blessings could I have received in my life if i only were a little more obedient? How much more can i do for the Lord by His blessings in my mission if I strive to be just a little more obedient? Sometimes we see those who are very obedient and "strict" about the Lord's commandments as those who are hard-natured and stern, without real sense of enjoying life. But then we look to the prophets or even to Jesus Christ Himself. How obedient are they? How happy and blessed must they be? It is without question that Jesus is perfectly obedient and therefore perfectly happy. Im not the most obedient. I am not perfect. But i do wish to be happy and blessed. So let us all be just a little bit better and a little more obedient. I know that that can be a key to our happiness in this life. I love you all! I love Belize! I love this gospel. I hope you have a great week!

Elder Abilez

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