Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 38 Izalco District, El Salvador-April 11, 2016

overlooking our kingdom

another shot of volcan izalco

i cleanse in the river...

river ft. caballo

companionship river unity!

the tarzan bridge

Still not sure what kind of juice that was...

caught another scorpion

on da bridge

below da bridge

zona izalco!

zona izalco in drawing form!

palm tree

with all of the people that came to english class...

my trust steed

volcano izalco before the hike

we're gonna form a boy bamd


rigby kaufusi crew

you are now entering jurassic park... (i think that's what it says in spanish)

little ranch in the mountains

in da jungle, da mighty jungle

volcan izalco from closer to the top

comp volcano selfie

comp volcano selfie ft crater


ft our new brazilian friend

excuse the fact this pic didn't come out well (blame the photographer) but we met a whole lot of people from all over on this trip! new friends from germany, LA, england, scotland, and switzerland! super cool experience

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