Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 10 Layco District, El Salvador--September 29, 2015

It must be the wet season...

Ay sorry for not writing yesterday we had no internet all day but we are blessed that we can write today! So this past week weve been getting quite a bit of rain. But on sunday i got absolutely soaked. in the baptismal font cuz we had a baptism! after church we baptized our investigator Gerson. due to unfortunate circumstances we wont be able to confirm him until after conference in two weeks. so pray that everything will go well from here. this past week was super fast cuz so much happened. wednesday we had the meeting for the new missionaries so we had a nice reunion with distrito pedro from the ccm. the messages from presidente and hermana hintze were excellent. we also got our orientation meeting since we came so late our first day. thursday we had exchanges but this time elder jack (the zone leader) came here with me so i was in charge of the area! definitely intimidating to have to do that but it was a great day and we had a lot of success. sunday in sacrament meeting i had to give my first talk in spanish! it was on the obra misional. it went really well. one member even told me he understood everyting and there were few mistakes so thats a relief. i will have to give a talk every month it seems so it was good practive. i also got to teach an english class on saturday to this less active member family. the lesson went really well and that family is super good and they have a daughter that wasnt baptized so we are working hard with them. i love them though! ive been in the field for about a month now (4 weeks) and it hardly even feels like it! i know all of you back home may feel differently but it still feels like i just got off the plane in guatemala! time is really weird here. i really appreciate all your letters and emails always! sorry that i cant respond to everyone every week because time is just my worst enemy here. Love you all!
Elder Abilez

Pupusa count: 81
(we got pupusas from a member on sunday and they were so bomb! they were queso and loroco and also made of maíz instead of arroz. first time having maíz pupusas and loroco. I think thats my new favorite kind now)


while cleaning the apt yesterday my comp found this flag in the corner behind some stuff on the floor. really terrible and he just laughed and i got kinda mad cuz thats disrespectful. we cant retire it here (obviously cuz we cant just set fire to this flag) so i at least decided to hang it up in our apt

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